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Go Where You Feel Most Alive


Disability Supports


Behaviour Support

We work with you to meet your interests and goals 

Honeyhive aims to provide supports that help you achieve your goals and beyond. We have support coordinators and skill-specific support workers that will work with you to build capacity and develop your life skills and our services can be tailored to meet your individualised needs and goals. We celebrate diversity and pride ourselves on listening to you, the participant, to help you live your best life.

Our mission is to help you go where you feel most alive.


Experienced Support Workers

Our support workers come with a range of skills. We have music teachers, artists, surfers, English teachers, relaxation specialists and workers who love working with others. Many of our support workers are multi-skilled, so if you have an idea we haven’t suggested, let us know and we may be able to help. 


Professional & Friendly Staff

Our staff are passionate, friendly and enthusiastic. All staff possess relevant skills, required checks and a professional attitude. They continue to improve through ongoing professional development. We offer a professional, honest and joyful approach to your support needs.


Always ready to listen

As a small boutique business, we are readily available when you need to chat. We work closely with you and your formal and informal supports to ensure you are getting a quality service that meets your needs and passions. 


Consistent Times and People

At Honeyhive we aim to provide you with consistent support, which means we provide a specific support worker who will work consistently with you at a time you specify.  If a support worker becomes unavailable, we can assist you with finding another appropriate worker . 


No Extra Fees

While Honeyhive provides support workers with specific skills (such as music, surfing, and art coaching etc), there are no hidden costs. All support workers are paid NDIS support worker rates. 


Why skill-specific support workers?

Skill-specific support workers provide an opportunity for you to choose a support worker who has similar skills and interests as you. This means you, the participant, can choose to access the community doing an activity that you love or would like to try. This ensures you can make the most of your plan and find a support worker who will share their skills and help you reach your goals.

Behaviour Support

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”

Helen Keller.

Our Services

 These are just a few of the skill-specific services we offer, however, if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us to see if we can accomodate your interests and goals.


Would you like to go surfing? Would you like to learn an instrument? These sessions can provide surfing and/or music. You could do one or both!


These sessions provide you with a support worker who can guide you through a relaxation/meditation and/or yoga to feel the calming benefits. .


 If you would like to create some art, PicturePlay provides sessions for you to explore art in almost any medium you can think of. Painting, drawing, pastels, sculpture, there are so many options! 


In the Storyspace are sessions that offer you an opportunity to explore your creative writing skills and literature. Additionally, Storyspace sessions provide support workers that can help you with reading and writing at any level. 


 The Rubik’s run sessions provide a bush walk, bike ride or hike with a bag of puzzles to play with during breaks or at the end of the session.  Enjoy the fresh air and outdoor play!

“Exciting news today! For the first time ever A took it upon himself to go surfing today. Without any prompting, he suited up and walked down to the beach. Whilst coming home, he bumped into a senior member of the cricket club, where he has played in the under 17s and they swapped phone numbers with the idea that maybe they will have a surf together one day. If that’s not success post your first lesson, Phil, I don’t know what is. Whilst it’s just a start and just one activity, thanks for opening up yet another avenue to a life well lived for A.” 

Adrian B.

Participant’s Father 

Our Mission is to help you

go where you feel most alive

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